Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why things are this way

This was at my old blog and think it is still very relevant today. especially sine the MSM has won the propaganda war.

What CNN will show: Abu Ghraib photos, American soldiers' coffins, 25 war protesters when they claim they will have thousands, more Abu Ghraib photos, videos of jihadists picking off American soldiers, enemy propaganda, a running death toll of Americans in Iraq eagerly awaiting the next thousand mark, Sheehan, and on and on.What CNN will not show: 9/11 footage or photos, the running death toll of jihadists, ANY continuous footage of the riots from France or anywhere else in Europe, any tapes from MEMRI, Muhammad cartoons, jihadist beheading of innocent people (even journalists), the thousands of successes of our troops in Iraq, and on and on.We all know who's side they are on. They are so blinded by their hatred of one man that they have sold their souls to the death cult of radical Islam.

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